Andria: Terence's Musical Experiment

TitleAndria: Terence's Musical Experiment
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMoore, TJ
EditorMoore, TJ, Polleichtner, W
Ancient AuthorsPublius Terentius Afer (PHI 0134)
Book TitleForm und Bedeutung im lateinischen Drama / Form and Meaning in Latin Drama
Series TitleBochumer Altertumswissenschaftliches Kolloquium 95
PublisherWissenschaftlicher Verlag

Terence’s first play, Andria, is a daring experiment in many ways, not least in its music. Andria has more changes of meter, including changes between accompanied meters and unaccompanied iambic senarii, than any other Terentian play, and Terence includes a number of musical innovations in the play, including an unusually long delay before the play’s first trochaic septenarii, repeated refusal to join metrical changes with entrances or exits, some elegant metrical parallelism, and several very short unaccompanied units. These musical features contribute significantly to the many surprises offered by Andria’s plot. [Timothy J. Moore]

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