Aristoxenus and musical ēthos

TitleAristoxenus and musical ēthos
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsRocconi, E
EditorHuffman, CA
Ancient AuthorsAristoxenus Mus. (TLG 0088)
Book TitleAristoxenus of Tarentum: Discussion
Series TitleRutgers University Studies in Classical Humanities (RUSCH) 17
PublisherTransaction Publishers
CityNew Brunswick, NJ

A certain number of fragments attributed to Aristoxenus of Tarentum (the Peripatetic philosopher famous as mousical theorist) shows his interest in the ethical-aesthetic value of music, which was common in antiquity. From the analyses of such a material, it is possible to obtain some information on the Aristoxenian thought in this field. [Eleonora Rocconi]

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