The context of tunings: thirds and septimal intervals in ancient Greek music

TitleThe context of tunings: thirds and septimal intervals in ancient Greek music
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsHagel, S
EditorHickmann, E, Both, AA, Eichmann, R
Book TitleMusikarchäologie im Kontext = Music Archaeology in Contexts: archaeological semantics, historical implications, socio-cultural connotations
Series TitleStudien zur Musikarchäologie 5; Orient-Archäologie 20

Interval specifications for different "tunings" are recorded by several ancient Greek authors. Here, all systems from the end of the 5th century BC to the 2nd century AD are investigated in the respective context of mathematical-philosophical theory and contemporary musical practice. This allows to estimate which specific characteristics reflect actual instrument tuning and which arise from mathematical idealisation. Special emphasis lies on pure thirds and septimal intervals and their potential role in the different periods of ancient music. []


Music Archaeology in Contexts includes papers from the 4th Symposium of the International Study Group on Music Archaeology at Monastery Michaelstein, 19-26 September, 2004.

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