Guido d’Arezzo teorico di un nuovo insegnamento

TitleGuido d’Arezzo teorico di un nuovo insegnamento
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsRusconi, A
EditorCristiani, M, Panti, Cecilia, Perillo, G
Ancient AuthorsGuido of Arezzo [Aretinus] (GMO)
Book TitleHarmonia mundi: musica mondana e musica celeste fra antichità e medioevo: atti del convegno internazionale di studi: (Roma, 14-15 dicembre 2005)
Series TitleMicrologus' library 19
PublisherSISMEL edizioni del Galluzzo

Guido of Arezzo 'invented' three things: 1. a new concept of music theory, which he redefined as a set of notions useful to singing; 2. staff notations, which enabled man to represent pitches more accurately; 3. the pedagogical method to sight-read music from a notated book. His theoretical and pedagogical work bring a revolution: written down in a clear and fixed form, music is no longer a 'magic' art, preserved solely in the memory of a few 'cantores'. The sacred repertory was now within reach of whoever wanted to learn its basic notions and notation.

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