Hellenica: selected papers on Greek literature and thought, Vol. 2, Lyric and drama

TitleHellenica: selected papers on Greek literature and thought, Vol. 2, Lyric and drama
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsWest, ML
Number of Pages432 pp.
PublisherOxford University Press
Table of Contents

1: A New Epode of Archilochus
2: Archilochus and Telephos
3: The Date of Alcman
4: Burning Sappho
5: The New Sappho
6: Alcaeus' Brother
7: Phocylides
8: Stesichorus
9: Stesichorea
10: Simonides Redivivus
11: Pindar as a Man of Letters
12: The Chronology of Early Attic Tragedy
13: The Religious Interpretation of Myth in Aeschylus
14: Zeus in Aeschylus
15: King and Demos in Aeschylus
16: Colloquialism and Naive Style in Aeschylus
17: Where Eagles Dare: The Parodos of the Agamemnon
18: On Garvie s Choephori
19: Iliad and Aethiopis on the Stage: Aeschylus and Son
20: The Prometheus Trilogy
21: Ancestral Curses
22: Euripides' Critique of Aeschylus: Electra 518-46
23: Author's Afterthoughts in Orestes
24: The End of Iphigeneia in Aulis
25: A Vagina in Search of an Author
26: A New Musical Papyrus: Carcinus Medea
27: The Song of Arion the Dolphin-rider (PMG 939)
28: Corinna
29: Who's Afraid of Dating Corinna?
30: The Epidaurian Hymn to the Mother of the Gods
31: The Anacreontea
Supplementary list of publications relating to lyric and drama
Greek Words and Forms

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