Hellenistic Epinikion

TitleHellenistic Epinikion
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBarbantani, S
EditorCarey, C, Rawles, R, Agócs, P
Ancient AuthorsCallimachus Philol. (TLG 0533)
Book TitleReceiving the Komos: ancient and modern reception of the Victory Ode
Series TitleBulletin of the Istitute of Classical Studies Supplement 112
PublisherInstitute of Classical Studies

With the notable exception of Callimachus' elegiac and iambic epinician experiments (Victoria Berenices, Victoria Sosibii, Iamb VIII), in the Hellenistic period the epigrammatic genre seems to be the true heir of the lyric victory ode, as clearly shown by