The Homeric Hymn to Pan

TitleThe Homeric Hymn to Pan
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsThomas, O
EditorFaulkner, A
Ancient AuthorsHymni Homerici Hymn. (TLG 0013)
Book TitleThe Homeric Hymns: interpretative essays
PublisherOxford University Press

This chapter offers a systematic reading of the nineteenth Homeric Hymn to Pan and considers its relationship to the long Hymn to Hermes. A detailed analysis treats the poetics of the Hymn's narrative structures and Pan's representation in relation to other gods. It is argued that the inset musical performances of the nymphs serve to reflect upon the contents and performative roles of hymns in Greece. The chapter also considers carefully the poem's place and date of composition and its relationship to the spread of Pan's cult in Greece. []


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