Il 'De institutione musica' di Boezio nell’alto Medioevo

TitleIl 'De institutione musica' di Boezio nell’alto Medioevo
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBernhard, M
EditorCristiani, M, Panti, Cecilia, Perillo, G
Ancient AuthorsBoethius, Anicius Manlius Severinus (OCD)
Book TitleHarmonia mundi: musica mondana e musica celeste fra antichità e medioevo: atti del convengo internazionale di studi: (Roma, 14-15 dicembre 2005)
Series TitleMicrologus' library 19
PublisherSISMEL edizioni del Galluzzo

The textual tradition of Boethius' 'De institutione musica' seems to have developed in the early ninth century in and around the court-school of Charlemagne and appears to have been disseminated from there. The text was already rather widely circulated by the second half of the ninth century. Until the turn of the millennium, three stages can be ascertained in the reception of the text: 1) the text was considered a mathematical presentation of musical phenomena within the realm of the artes liberales; 2) extensive concepts from Boethius were taken into musical literature, yet without any concrete application of the theory to musical practice; 3) the Boethian tonal system became the pitch collection used for Gregorian chant.

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