Imagining the Chorus in Augustan Poetry

TitleImagining the Chorus in Augustan Poetry
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsCurtis, L
Ancient AuthorsPublius Vergilius Maro (PHI 0690), Sextus Propertius (PHI 0620), Quintus Horatius Flaccus (PHI 0893)
Number of Pages282 pp.
PublisherCambridge University Press

From archaic Sparta to classical Athens the chorus was a pervasive feature of Greek social and cultural life. Until now, however, its reception in Roman literature and culture has been little appreciated. This book examines how the chorus is reimagined in a brief but crucial period in the history of Latin literature, the early Augustan period from 30 to 10 BCE. It argues that in the work of Horace, Virgil, and Propertius, the language and imagery of the chorus articulate some of their most pressing concerns surrounding social and literary belonging in a rapidly changing Roman world. By re-examining seminal Roman texts such as Horace's Odes and Virgil's Aeneid from this fresh perspective, the book connects the history of musical culture with Augustan poetry's interrogation of fundamental questions surrounding the relationship between individual and community, poet and audience, performance and writing, Greek and Roman, and tradition and innovation. []

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