L’armonia delle sfere nel nono secolo: nuove prospettive su fonti antiche

TitleL’armonia delle sfere nel nono secolo: nuove prospettive su fonti antiche
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsTeeuwen, M
EditorCristiani, M, Panti, Cecilia, Perillo, G
Book TitleHarmonia mundi: musica mondana e musica celeste fra antichità e medioevo: atti del convegno internazionale di studi: (Roma, 14-15 dicembre 2005)
Series TitleMicrologus' library 19
PublisherSISMEL edizioni del Galluzzo

The antique and late-ancient sources offered a wide range of theories concerning the music of the spheres. These were closely examined by the Carolingian scholars and used to create a new, Christian world view. The dense commentary tradition, dated to the 830s or 840s, on the late-ancient text 'De nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii' is a particularly fertile source for analysing the ways in which Carolingian scholars received and transformed the ancient legacy. They did not, so it seems, attempt to agree on any single explanation or view of the celestial harmony. Rather; the patchwork of ideas found in the antique sources continued to be reflected in the Carolingian debate. Controversy raged on issues such as the direction of the celestial scale, or the role of the Sun in the harmony of creation. This illustrates the kind of scholarship that surrounded not only this text but this theme in general: the emphasis is on collecting material from as many available sources as possible, and not on the creation of a single, authoritative idea on the subject.

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