Lysistrata and Female Song

TitleLysistrata and Female Song
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsRutherford, RB
Ancient AuthorsAristophanes Comic. (TLG 0019)
JournalClassical Quarterly

Among the many points of interest in N.G. Wilson's admirable new text of Aristophanes is his handling of the closing scene of Lysistrata, and in particular the question of the heroine's role in that scene. In the new OCT we find the short speech 1273–8 ascribed to Lysistrata, while the apparatus notes ‘legato tribuunt quidam’ (in other words, to one of the Athenian males already on stage). The song which follows (1279–90) is also given to Lysistrata, but the apparatus comments ‘quis canat incertum est.’ Finally Lysistrata is presumed to speak the single line 1295 inviting the Spartan ambassador to sing a fresh song. []


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