The Presentation of Song in Homer’s Odyssey

TitleThe Presentation of Song in Homer’s Odyssey
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBeck, D
EditorMinchin, E
Ancient AuthorsHomerus Epic. (TLG 0012)
Book TitleOrality, Literacy and Performance in the Ancient World
Series TitleOrality and literacy in the ancient world 9; Mnemosyne Supplements. Monographs on Greek and Roman Language and Literature 335

This chapter focuses in detail at how song is presented in the Odyssey. First, it provides overviews of relevant scholarship, both about four major speech presentation techniques that appear in songs and about song in Homeric poetry. Then the chapter describes the overall patterns for speech presentation in song, noting the striking differences between these patterns and those for any other kind of speech in the Homeric poems. Finally, it analyzes speech presentation in the three songs of Demodocus in Odyssey 8, showing that each mode of speech presentation has a complementary role to play in depicting these songs. The chapter also presents bibliography that contains a list of reference articles and books. []


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