The Reception of the Homeric Hymns

TitleThe Reception of the Homeric Hymns
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
EditorVergados, A, Schwab, A, Faulkner, A
Ancient AuthorsQuintus Horatius Flaccus (PHI 0893), Publius Ovidius Naso (PHI 0959), Hymni Homerici Hymn. (TLG 0013), Aelius Aristides Rhet. (TLG 0284)
Number of Pages432 pp.
PublisherOxford University Press
ISBN9780198728788 (print)

This book explores the reception of the Homeric Hymns in literature and scholarship of the first century BC and later, with particular emphasis on Latin and Greek Imperial/Late Antique literature. With the exception of one chapter devoted to the reception of the Homeric Hymns in Greek vase painting, the essays in this book explore the reception of the Hymns in literature and scholarship of the first century BC and later: the scope of the book includes studies of Vergil, Horace, and Ovid, Greek literature of the Imperial and Late Antique period (e.g. Cornutus, Aelius Aristides, Lucian, and Proclus) and Byzantium (e.g. Theodoros Prodoromos), Italian literature of the fifteenth century (Filelfo, Marullus, and Poliziano), German scholarship of the early nineteenth century (J. H. Voss), and the English poets Chapman, Congreve, and Shelley. This chronological focus does not seek to play down the importance of Classical and Hellenistic reception of the Homeric Hymns but rather to direct attention towards a gap in scholarship. Recent studies have investigated the early reception of the Hymns, while much work of the past thirty years has opened up our understanding of their reception in Hellenistic poetry. The contributions of this volume deal with various forms of reception, such as manuscript transmission and the rediscovery of manuscripts, verbal parallels combined with thematic elements or motifs, meaningful allusions to the Hymns in combination with other genres, forms of reception shaped by religious practices or beliefs as well as intertextual play and the reception of the Hymns in art. []


JHS 2018 138: 303-304 Leanna Boychenko; BMCR 2018.03.60 Stephen Sansom

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