Sänger im Alten Orient und in Griechenland: Musiker am neuassyrischen Hof

TitleSänger im Alten Orient und in Griechenland: Musiker am neuassyrischen Hof
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsSchmidt-Colinet, C
EditorHickmann, E, Eichmann, R, Kilmer, AD
Book TitleArchäologie früher Klangerzeugung und Tonordnung = The Archaeology of Sound: Origin and Organisation
Series TitleStudien zur Musikarchäologie 3; Orient-Archäologie 10
Pagination599-615 ill.

In the first part of this article representations of singers in the ancient Orient and in Greece are closely examined. For the Orient a well known example of a singer and musician is the statuette of Ur-nans˘e from Mari. Because of certain iconographic characteristics we can identify singers on Sumerian votive and ceremonial objects. Besides we can attempt to examine singing techniques by analysing the postures of the singers’ heads and bodies. A difference between epic singing and recitation on the one hand, and melodic and lyric singing on the other can be observed. In the second part, representations of musicians in the environment of Assurbanial’s banquet scene are compared and characteristic iconographical details are explained that serve to typify a person on new Assyrian reliefs. This comparison leads to the conclusion that the person on the throne of Assurbanipal’s garden scene needs a new interpretation. [http://www.vml.de/e/inhalt.php?ISBN=978-3-89646-640-2]


The Archaeology of Sound: Origin and Organisation includes papers from the 2nd Symposium of the International Study Group on Music Archaeology at Monastery Michaelstein, 17-23 September 2000. And: Music Archaeology of the Aegean and Anatolia. Papers from the colloquium on Music Archaeology organised by the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (Istanbul) in cooperation with the ICTM Study Group on Music Archeology (6th meeting) and the Institut Français d' Archéologie (Istanbul), Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, 12-16 April 1993.

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