Structural sympathies in ancient Greek and South Slavic heroic songs

TitleStructural sympathies in ancient Greek and South Slavic heroic songs
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsFranklin, JC
EditorHickmann, E, Eichmann, R
Book TitleMusikarchäologische Quellengruppen = Music-Archaeological Sources: finds, oral transmission, written evidence. Papers from the 3rd Symposium of the International Study Group on Music Archeology at Monastery Michaelstein, 9-16 June 2002
Series TitleStudien zur Musikarchäologie 4; Orient-Archäologie 14
Keywordsepica, etnoantropologici (aspetti)

Since Milman Parry’s [1933-1935] fieldwork, Serbo-Croatian heroic songs have often been used to interpret the compositional practice of ancient Greek epic songs. In the present context, the usefulness of this comparison is questioned, also with respect to how far one can take this comparison, especially where the melodic patterns of the two traditions are concerned. Is the method of comparing Indo-European poetry with the results of Bartók’s studies on Parry’s collection useful for tracing common roots of Greek and Serbo-Croatian traditions? []


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