Anabole, anaballomai etc.: technical terms in music and poetics

TitoloAnabole, anaballomai etc.: technical terms in music and poetics
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsEgan, RB

Re-examination of ἀμβολάδην and ἀναβάλλομαι in poetic contexts from Homer to Nonnus shows the terms regularly pertaining to bi-partite performances; specifically with reference to the deferred or postponed beginning of the second phase. The definitions that modern lexicographers selectively adopt from ancient scholia and lexica must be corrected accordingly. Thus ἀμβολάδην means "by way of resumption or sequel, after an interval, subsequently" and ἀναβάλλομαι "resume, begin again after an interval." Such definitions are consistent with two meanings of ἀναβoλή which are here considered to be closely linked: "delay, postponement" and hence "proem, prelude, interlude (that postpones the subsequent phase)." []



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