Clement of Alexandria and early Christian music

TitoloClement of Alexandria and early Christian music
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsCosgrove, CH
Ancient AuthorsClemens Alexandrinus Theol. (TLG 0555)
JournalJournal of Early Christian Studies

Studies of early Christian music often mention Clement of Alexandria, but a comprehensive examination of Clement's statements about music has not yet been offered. This article treats Clement's literal references to music comprehensively by considering them from the perspective of ancient Greek music and the philosophical traditions of Greek music theory. His musical metaphors and allegorizing of musical terms in the Bible are taken up only as they illumine his understanding of music. Subjects include music and education, the relation of the idea of Christ as the "New Song" to the Greek musical tradition and to Christian musical practice, Clement's view of instrumental music, the connection he makes between the Greek scolion and the Hebrew psalms, his uses of the terms Ψαλμός, Ψάλλειν, and Ψαλμώδία, his understanding of musical modes and genera, his comments on Christian song in everyday life, and the hymn that closes the Paedagogos. []



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