Diocle e gli ossibafi

TitoloDiocle e gli ossibafi
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsPaterlini, M
Ancient AuthorsDiocles Comic. (TLG 0443), Diocles Med. (TLG 0664), Elias Phil. (TLG 4020), Sophonias Phil. (TLG 4030)
JournalAnnali dell’Università di Ferrara. Sezione IV, Lettere
Volumen.s. 2

According to the Sudas, oxybapha, the percussion instrument, have been invented by Diocles. This paper clarifies on this and explains a number of recents findings and observations: 1) new evidence from two commentators of Aristotle, Elias Phil. (VI century A.D.) and Sophonias (XIII century A.D.) is discussed. These sources are particularly interesting as they show the use of different materials oxybapha could be made of and the different harmonies they could create. 2) Oxybapha have been found to be depicted in a mosaic in the Museum of Hama (Syria). 3) The 'inventor’ of this instrument is still uncertain: is it 'Diocles’ the comedian or 'Diocles’ the father of Alcidamas and μουσικὰ γεγραψώς? Recent considerations seem to favour 'Diocles’ the comedian. 4) Oxybapha are not to be mistaken for 'ostraka', to which the expression ἐν ὀστρακίνοις ἀγγείοις - used in conjunction with ὀξύβαψα in a number of testimonies – would seem to refer. Also Athenaeus made this point very clear. [Diocle e gli ossibafi]


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