Fidelity and Farewell: Pindar’s Ethics as Textual Events

TitoloFidelity and Farewell: Pindar’s Ethics as Textual Events
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPayne, M
EditorBudelmann, F, Phillips, T
Ancient AuthorsPindarus Lyr. (TLG 0033)
Book TitleTextual Events: Performance and the Lyric in Early Greece
PublisherOxford University Press

This chapter looks at the idea of the event in ‘textual events’. Reading lyric is an encounter with a set of singular ethical gestures. Neither formalism nor cultural poetics adequately describes the experience of shared life in the practice of giving our time to these gestures, whereas the event, as it has been theorized from Heidegger to Badiou, does open up some ways of understanding the purchase on our own historicity that this experience affords. The chapter shows what is at stake in the encounter with what Hermann Fränkel called the ‘enchanted circle’ of Pindar’s ethicality through an examination of the force of gestures toward fidelity and leave-taking in his poems, which gestures are compared with signature ethical gestures of Sappho, Wordsworth, Baudelaire, and Celan. []



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