Greek music, drama, sport, and fauna: the collected classical papers of E.K. Borthwick

TitoloGreek music, drama, sport, and fauna: the collected classical papers of E.K. Borthwick
Publication TypeLibro
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBorthwick, E. Kerr
EditorMaciver, C
Ancient AuthorsPherecrates Comic. (TLG 0486), Philodemus Phil. (TLG 1595), Aristophanes Comic. (TLG 0019), Euripides Trag. (TLG 0006), Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus (PHI 1348), Pindarus Lyr. (TLG 0033), Plato Phil. (TLG 0059), Pseudo-Plutarchus Biogr., Phil. (TLG 0094)
Series TitleCollected Classical Papers 4
Number of Pagesxvi + 446 pp.
PublisherFrancis Cairns Publications
Table of Contents

Foreword: Prof. E. Kerr Borthwick (1925–2008)
List of Articles
Preface and Acknowledgements
Inaugural Lecture: Odyssean Elements in the Iliad
1. Κατάληψις – a Neglected Technical Term in Greek Music
2. The Oxyrhynchus Musical Monody and some Ancient Fertility Superstitions
3. Suetonius’ Nero and a Pindaric Scholium
4. Some Problems in Musical Terminology
5. Text and Interpretation of Philebus 56a
6. Notes on the Plutarch De Musica and the Cheiron of Pherecrates
7. ‘Music While You Work’ in Philodemus De Musica
8. Trojan Leap and Pyrrhic Dance in Euripides’ Andromache 1129–41
9 The Dances of Philocleon and the Sons of Carcinus in Aristophanes’ Wasps
10. Two Notes on Athena as Protectress
11. P. Oxy. 2738: Athena and the Pyrrhic Dance
12. Three Notes on Euripides’ Bacchae
13. Two Unnoticed Euripides Fragments?
14. Two Scenes of Combat in Euripides
15. Two Notes on the Birds of Aristophanes
16. Three Notes on the Acharnians
17. Cleon and the Spartiates in Aristophanes’ Knights
18. Aristophanes Acharnians 709: An Old Crux, and a New Solution
19. Aristophanes, Clouds 1371
20. A Phyllobolia in Aristophanes’ Clouds?
21. Observations on the Opening Scene of Aristophanes’ Wasps
22. Autolekythos and Lekythion in Demosthenes and Aristophanes
23. Euripides Erotodidaskalos? A Note on Aristophanes Frogs 957
24. Aeschylus vs. Euripides: A Textual Problem at Frogs 818–19
25. Aristophanes and the Trial of Thucydides Son of Melesias (Acharnians 717)
26. New Interpretations of Aristophanes Frogs 1249–1328
27. A Grasshopper’s Diet – Notes on an Epigram of Meleager and a Fragment of Eubulus
28. A ‘Femme Fatale’ in Asclepiades
29. Two Textual Problems in Euripides’ Antiope Fr. 188
30. Limed Reeds in Theocritus, Aristophanes, and Propertius
31. Seeing Weasels: The Superstitious Background of the Empusa Scene in the Frogs
32. Beetle, Bell, Goldfinch in Aristophanes’ Peace
33. Lucretius’ Elephant Wall
34. The ‘Flower of the Argives’ and a Neglected Meaning of Ἄνθος
35. Zoologica Pindarica
36. Starting a Hare: A Note on Machon, Fr. 15 (Gow)
37. Odysseus and the Return of the Swallow
38. Bee Imagery in Plutarch
39. Bees and Drones in Aristophanes, Aelian and Euripides
40. The Gymnasium of Bromius – a Note on Dionysius Chalcus, Fr. 3
41. A Note on Boxing Gloves
42. Death of a Fighting Cock
43. The Cynic and the Statue
44. Two Emendations in Alciphron
45. Notes on “The Superstitious Man” of Theophrastus
46. An Emendation in Hesychius
47. An Allusion to Sophron in [Lucian]?
48. Meleager’s Lament: A Note on Anth. Pal. 5.166
49. Fire Imagery in Two Poems in the Anthology
50. The Verb Aὔω and its Compounds
51. Emendations and Interpretations in the Greek Anthology
52. Dio Chrysostom on the Mob at Alexandria
53. Nicetes the Rhetorician and Vergil’s ‘Plena Deo’
54. The Scene on the Panagjurischte Amphora: A New Solution
55. A Note on Some Unusual Greek Words for Eyes
56. Aristophanes and Agathon: A Contrast in Hair Styles
57. Φυλάσσω or Λαφύσσω? A Note on Two Emendations
58. Ἱστροτριβής: An Addendum
59. Two Emotional Climaxes in Lysias’ Against Eratosthenes
60. ‘The Wise Man and the Bow’ in Aristides Quintilianus
61. A ‘Not Too Severe’ Epigram of Gaetulicus
62. A Rare Meaning of the Verb Τέμνω
63. Socrates, Socratics, and the Word Βλεπεδαίμων
Works Cited
General Index; Index of Greek Words; Index Locorum


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