A History of Pythagoreanism

TitoloA History of Pythagoreanism
Publication TypeLibro
Year of Publication2014
EditorHuffman, CA
Ancient AuthorsPythagoras Phil. (TLG 0632), Philolaus Phil. (TLG 1596), Archytas Phil. (TLG 0620), Plato Phil. (TLG 0059), Aristoteles et Corpus Aristotelicum Phil. (TLG 0086), Herodotus Hist. (TLG 0016), Diodorus Siculus Hist. (TLG 0060), Diogenes Laertius Biogr. (TLG 0004), Porphyrius Phil. (TLG 2034), Iamblichus Phil. (TLG 2023)
Number of Pages530 pp.
PublisherCambridge University Press

This is a comprehensive, authoritative and innovative account of Pythagoras and Pythagoreanism, one of the most enigmatic and influential philosophies in the West. In twenty-one chapters covering a timespan from the sixth century BC to the seventeenth century AD, leading scholars construct a number of different images of Pythagoras and his community, assessing current scholarship and offering new answers to central problems. Chapters are devoted to the early Pythagoreans, and the full breadth of Pythagorean thought is explored including politics, religion, music theory, science, mathematics and magic. Separate chapters consider Pythagoreanism in Plato, Aristotle, the Peripatetics and the later Academic tradition, while others describe Pythagoreanism in the historical tradition, in Rome and in the pseudo-Pythagorean writings. The three great lives of Pythagoras by Diogenes Laertius, Porphyry and Iamblichus are also discussed in detail, as is the significance of Pythagoras for the Middle Ages and Renaissance. [http://www.cambridge.org/gb/academic/subjects/classical-studies/ancient-philosophy/history-pythagoreanism?format=HB]


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Table of Contents

Introduction Carl A. Huffman
1. Pythagoras Geoffrey Lloyd
2. Philolaus Daniel W. Graham
3. Archytas Malcolm Schofield
4. Sixth-, fifth- and fourth-century Pythagoreans Leonid Zhmud
5. The Pythagorean Society and politics Catherine Rowett
6. The Pythagorean way of life and Pythagorean ethics M. Laura Gemelli Marciano
7. Pythagoreans, Orphism and Greek religion Gábor Betegh
8. The problem of Pythagorean mathematics Reviel Netz
9. Pythagorean harmonics Andrew Barker
10. The Pythagoreans and Plato John Palmer
11. Aristotle on the 'so-called Pythagoreans': from lore to principles Oliver Primavesi
12. Pythagoreanism in the academic tradition: the early Academy to Numenius John Dillon
13. The Peripatetics on the Pythagoreans Carl A. Huffman
14. Pythagoras in the historical tradition: from Herodotus to Diodorus Siculus Stefan Schorn
15. The pseudo-Pythagorean writings Bruno Centrone
16. From Nigidius Figulus to Alexander of Abonouteichos: Pythagoreans in Rome and Asia Minor around the turn of the Common Era Jaap-Jan Flinterman
17. Diogenes Laertius' Life of Pythagoras André Laks
18. Porphyry's Life of Pythagoras Constantinos Macris
19. Iamblichus' On the Pythagorean Life in context Dominic J. O'Meara
20. Pythagoras and Pythagoreanism in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages Andrew Hicks
21. Pythagoras in the early Renaissance Michael J. B. Allen


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