Pre‐Classical Sparta as Song Culture

TitoloPre‐Classical Sparta as Song Culture
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsCalame, C
EditorPowell, A
Book TitleA Companion to Sparta
Series TitleBlackwell Companions to the Ancient World
PublisherWiley Blackwell
ISBN9781405188692 (print); 9781119072379 (online)

Pre‐classical Sparta is defined as a 'song culture', as a culture of sung musical performance. This chapter presents the traces and indications of the local and rich art of the Muses at Sparta, in poetic performances including song, dance, and musical accompaniment. The festivals of the Karneia and the Gymnopaidiai are not the only Spartan civic celebrations to show a choral programme of ritual significance. In the partheneia, the paians, the poems for the symposion, the songs intended for the syssitia, and the songs for different great Spartan civic and ritual celebrations, a poet like Alkman, the Lydian settled at Sparta, was in the service of his adopted city, of its institutions and cults. The chapter also presents the heart of the Spartan community: to adult citizens, young soldiers or husbands, of different social standing, summoned to approve of political leadership by the two kings and the five ephors and to serve in the army. []



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