Silent eloquence: Lucian and pantomime dancing

TitoloSilent eloquence: Lucian and pantomime dancing
Publication TypeLibro
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsLada-Richards, I
Ancient AuthorsLucianus Soph. (TLG 0062)
Series TitleClassical literature and society series
Number of Pages240 pp.

One of the greatest aesthetic attractions in the ancient world was pantomime dancing, a ballet-style entertainment in which a silent, solo dancer incarnated a series of mythological characters to the accompaniment of music and sung narrative. Looking at a multitude of texts and particularly Lucian’s On the Dance, a dialogue written at the height of pantomime’s popularity, this innovative cultural study of the genre offers a radical re-assessment of its importance in the symbolic economy of imperial and later antiquity.
Rather than being trivial or lowbrow, pantomime was thoroughly enmeshed in wider social discourses on morality and sexuality, gender and desire and a key player in the fierce battles about education and culture that raged in the ancient world. []


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