‘The Wise Man and the Bow’ in Aristides Quintilianus

Titolo‘The Wise Man and the Bow’ in Aristides Quintilianus
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsBorthwick, E. Kerr
Ancient AuthorsPlato Phil. (TLG 0059), Aristoteles et Corpus Aristotelicum Phil. (TLG 0086), Aristides Quintilianus Mus. (TLG 2054)
JournalClassical Quarterly

In the second book of the De Musica, Aristides Quintilianus discourses at length on the educational value of music, drawing on many earlier sources, Pythagorean, Damonian, and of course Plato and Aristotle. In ch. 6 (p. 60 W.-I.) Plato's censorious views in the Republic are particularly referred to, but, like Aristotle in the eighth book of his Politics, Aristides takes a less severe attitude towards the pleasure-giving content of melody on appropriate occasions, and points to the natural human taste for such music: τ⋯ς δ ϕὺσεως κα τ τοιατα παιτοσης, μποδίζειν μν δνατον (εὖ γρ εἴρηται τῷ σοϕῷ κα τò περ το τòξου), τν δ νσεων τν ὠϕλιμον προκριτον. [https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/classical-quarterly/article/wise-man-and-the-bow-in-aristides-quintilianus/19A57B4C15A986F4197ED116B3E0A3FC]



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