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Surnamesort icon First Name Institution Country Website
Darnell Heather University of Maryland United States
De Poli Mattia Università di Padova Italy
Dellantonio Diana Università di Innsbruck Italy
Dessì Paola Università di Bologna Italy
Di Giglio Anna Università degli Studi di Foggia Italia
Dolazza Anna Università degli Studi di Siena Italy
Elvers Paul University of Hamburg Germany
Ercoles Marco Università di Bologna Italy
Franklin John University of Vermont Afghanistan
Gallizioli Chiara Università degli studi di Verona Italy
Gostoli Antonietta Università di Perugia Italy
Günther Jutta Günther Saarland University Germany
Hadjimichael Theodora Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Germany
Hagel Stefan Austrian Academy of Sciences Austria
Holford–Strevens Leofranc Oxford University Press UK
Ikeshoji-Orlati Veronica-Gaia University of Virginia United States
Kárpáti András University of Pécs Hungary
Katsanevaki Athena University of Macedonia Thessaloniki Greece
Kilic Sinem Derya Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (Graduate Programme) & Freie Universität Berlin (Registration of my Dissertation) Germany
Kovanen Kimmo University of Helsinki Finland
Kramarz Andreas Legion of Christ Novitiate and College of Humanities United States
Laferriere Carolyn Yale University United States
Lanna Sara Italia
Laskowska Anna Warsaw University Poland
Leitmeir Florian Universität Würzburg Germany

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