Sexto Empírico y la ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ

TitleSexto Empírico y la ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsRedondo Reyes, P
Ancient AuthorsSextus Empiricus Phil. (TLG 0544)
Keywordsethos, harmoniai, Sesto Empirico, teoria musicale

This paper re-examines several topics in Greek musical theory at the beginning of our era, as are enounced and dealt by Sextus Empiricus in book VI of his Adeversus mathematicos: sound, notes, melodic genera and ethnos. In his definition it is possible to trace his times' musical theory as well to study its dealing by this author. [Sexto Empírico y la ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ, p. 95]


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