The Athenian institution of the Khoregia: the chorus, the city and the stage

TitoloThe Athenian institution of the Khoregia: the chorus, the city and the stage
Publication TypeLibro
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsWilson, P
Number of Pagesxv + 435 pp.
PublisherCambridge University Press
Parole chiaveagone, aristocrazia, Atene, coregia, democrazia, educazione, professionismo

This book is the first major study of the means by which the classical Athenians organised and funded their many festival choruses. It explores the mechanics of the institution by which a minority of rich citizens were required to arrange and pay for a festival chorus, including choruses for tragic and comic drama, and situates this duty within the range of occasions for elite leadership in Athens' elaborate festival calendar. Peter Wilson goes on to show the importance of the khoregia to our understanding of the workings of Athenian democracy itself, and to demonstrate the degree to which the institution was itself a highly performative occasion, an opportunity for elite display in the democratic environment. The post-classical history of the khoregia and its appearance in a wide range of other Greek communities are also examined. []


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