Lyric Atmospheres: Plato and Mimetic Evanescence

TitoloLyric Atmospheres: Plato and Mimetic Evanescence
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPeponi, A-E
EditorPhillips, T, D'Angour, A
Ancient AuthorsPlato Phil. (TLG 0059), Sappho Lyr. (TLG 0009)
Book TitleMusic, Text, and Culture in Ancient Greece
PublisherOxford University Press

Lyric genres have often been associated with a particular type of aesthetic experience in which semantic concreteness may give way to more diffused modes of perception and feeling, creating vague yet all-pervasive moods or atmospheres. This phenomenon has been largely attributed to lyric poetry’s heightened musicality, which in antiquity was further enhanced by actual singing and instrumental accompaniment. This chapter contends that in some of Plato’s dialogues interesting versions of this broader issue are either openly addressed or treated as an implicit struggle that results sometimes in negative, while at other times in remarkably creative, responses. In either case, Plato’s awareness and handling of this issue illuminates neglected but exciting aspects of his encounter with mousikē, mimesis, and the verbal arts. []



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